Success Stories

 June 4th, 2013

Issues began with low back, mid-back and left flank and abdominal pain right before Christmas 2012.  The symptoms were very unusual.  I would experience issues with gait, along with muscle spasms in my legs. Since then I have seen my primary doctor eight times,  a neurologist, a urologist, a gastroenterologist, two hospital visits, abdominal x-ray, thoracic x-ray, CAT scan of brain, CAT scan of abdomen, CAT scan of pelvis, ultrasound of pelvis and abdomen, MRI of back and brain, and six weeks of physical therapy.  Thank God all of the results did come back negative, with the exception of the MRI of my back.  The MRI revealed that I have degenerative disc disease (L4-L5, L5-S1, C5-C6, & C6-C7).  I live a very active lifestyle, and all of that has been put on hold, if not completely, my ability do what I normally do is very limited.  I am primarily a runner, competing in mostly boot camp style races, and now I couldn’t run ten feet.  After six weeks of physical therapy, and not getting the results that I had expected, I was directed to Dr. Beaubien.  Immediately I was impressed.  The initial visit with him is incredibly detailed.  He covers all of the bases, and shows a genuine concern and passion for his work.  His understanding of functional neurology and it’s affect on the body, as well as the necessary steps that need to be taken in order to help you in regaining your life has been incomparable.  I just had my eighth visit, and have seen more results in this short time than I have with all of the other doctors combined over the last six months.  I am certainly still a work in progress, but cannot say enough about Dr. Beaubien and Kelly.  Don’t follow the protocol that I did, make Dr. Beaubien your initial visit if you are suffering from any type of sports related injuries or issues.

Don, 43.  Rochester, MI


September 15th, 2011

I first met Dr. Beaubien when I was a 20 years old attending Michigan State University. I had been suffering from daily migraine headaches for one and a half years.

I went approximately six months before seeking initial treatment for my migraines. The first doctor I went to was a headache specialist who diagnosed me with chronic daily migraines. I worked with him and his staff for approximately a year – without any benefit. I was prescribed a cocktail of drugs, and at one time was taking seven different prescription medications.

To put it plainly, I had become a zombie and was afraid for my long-term health. Headaches were interfering with my every day life; school, extracurricular activities, friends, and family were all severely impacted. I was an undergraduate college student who was unable to achieve my full potential and fully enjoy life, all because of migraines. After a year of unsuccessful “treatment” with the headache specialist, it was time to try something else.

I was in an extremely dejected, painful state when I first walked into Dr. Beaubien’s office. I was skeptical that my migraines and quality of life could be improved by seeing a chiropractor, but I was willing to try anything to get some relief.

Dr. Beaubien is a very consultative and professional doctor. He often put me at ease, bringing hope that I could return to a good quality of life. My appointments provided instantaneous relief – something that any migraine sufferer knows is essentially priceless. Dr. Beaubien also consulted with me regarding holistic preventative measures and tricks for relief when I was at school and home. His methods, advice, and consultation have proven invaluable.

I have been a patient of Dr. Beaubien’s for two years now, and I no longer suffer from daily migraines. I am completely off all medications and have returned to the quality of life I had before my headaches. Dr. Beaubien helped give me my life back – and for that, I am incredibly grateful.

Kelli R., Bloomfield Hills, MI


August 1st, 2011

Dr.Beaubien is amazing. His expertise, knowledge, compassion, and talent, have allowed him to accomplish in 6 months what no other doctor could do in the past 9 years, give me back my active lifestyle.

In 2002, I began experiencing debilitating back pain that left me unable to enjoy life. The tightness across my lower back and sharp pain shooting down my leg changed the way I lived. I could no longer sit or stand without pain. My work and social life suffered and daily trips to the gym were painful and soon stopped. I could no longer run, which is something I truly enjoyed.

X-rays and an MRI did not provide a reason for my pain. Therefore, I went from doctor to doctor searching for someone to help me.  I have tried countless treatments, but nothing helped.

Those treatments included, back injections, physical therapy; 60 visits in one year, cortisone shots, pain medication and visits to several different chiropractors. After 9 years, I was starting to believe no treatment would work and maybe I had to live with the pain.

I decided to see Dr. Beaubien, after hearing, he had helped people with similar stories. I was reluctant, and figured he would be the same as the countless other doctors I had seen. I figured wrong. After meeting with him, for the first time in 9 years, I felt HOPE. He gave me answers that explained my pain and he customized a treatment plan to help me live a more active life. Each visit was different because he evaluated me and treated me according to the progress I had or had not made. It is not one size fits all with Dr Beaubien and that is what works.

With Dr. Beaubien’s help, my back pain has greatly improved and I have returned to the gym. As an added bonus, I have started to run again He has given me the tools to live an active lifestyle, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Carol T., Rochester, MI


May 26th, 2011

I started seeing Dr. Beaubien in February 2010.  For eight years prior, I had been suffering with low back, hip and leg pain stemming from sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction.  I had seen multiple doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors, who prescribed various tests, exercise routines and medications.  I had two SI joint ablations and was taking a variety of pills.  I had difficulty driving, sitting and doing household chores without pain.  I was depressed and at the end of my rope.

I had been to many chiropractors and was skeptical about seeing Dr. Beaubien.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that his knowledge goes far beyond the typical chiropractic adjustment.  He has been a key resource in my healing through his use of Kinesio Tape and muscle activation therapy.  Dr. Beaubien has not only provided me with pain relief, he has been instrumental in my ability to weight train again, improving the quality and quantity of my workouts.  He is well-rounded in his approach to health and well-being and has provided valuable insight regarding diet and supplements.  In addition to low back pain, I have come to rely on his opinion for a variety of health issues, from TMJ and stress management to stomach ailments and adrenal fatigue.

I am so excited and pleased with the results I have seen while working with Dr. Beaubien.  I am off all medications and feeling 100% better.  Although I have set backs, I am in control of my body and know I can recover.  This has improved the quality of my life in many significant ways and I am grateful to have him as a resource.

Michelle S., Oakland Twp, MI


Dr. Beaubien clearly has a deep knowledge of his business and his patients needs. HE SAVED MY LIFE. Literally. I had been going to Dr. Beaubien for rehab on my knee and for inflammation in my joints. Originally I was skeptical of muscle therapy and chiropractic treatments. But after a few weeks I was a convert. He was able to work out my problems in less time than I expected and he clearly knew what he is doing.He also cares about his patients. He did a fabulous job of rehabbing my knee and elbow.

In February, I had a sore leg and extremely high blood pressure (175 for the top number!). I went to the doctor. He wrote my calf off as a muscle cramps. Didn’t look at it. I even mentioned to him that my dad had a history of heart disease and he’d had blood clots and a stent in his leg. They ran blood tests and I was sent home to wait out the results. The next morning I called Dr. Beaubien and said I couldn’t take it any longer, I needed to make an appointment so he could work out my calf. He was on vacation but, returned my call in 20 minutes. After describing on the phone how my calf felt he told me to go to the ER immediately. He said I had Deep Vein Thrombosis and that there was a big risk of a stroke or heart attack if the clot broke apart. He was right. I got to the ER and they immediately rushed me in with 188 BP. After ultrasound on the leg confirmed the clot they also found 2 small clots in my lungs. The ER doctor told me I was lucky to be alive and that if I’d waited another day it probably would have sent more and larger clots to my lungs. The ER doctor also credited Dr. Beaubien with the his knowledge of the inner body and care for his patient which probably prevented me from having a stroke or aneurysm.

There are people out there who really do take their work seriously and who really care enough to follow up with a client and get them the right help! Most people would not have returned a phone call on vacation! Thank goodness Dr. Beaubien did.

Martha F. Plano, TX


Hi all,

My daughter is Ashley Lawton. Some of you may notice the bright colored tape on her shoulders/arms and legs. The tape is Kinesio Tex Tape and is applied by our family chiropractor. I won’t bore you with the details, but I have had horrible issues with a back injury from three years ago. I started seeing Dr. Beaubien in February, 2010 and within 2 weeks I was 80% better than I have been for the last three years and I continue to improve. He in not your conventional chiropractor. Along with traditional chiropractic care he is licenced to treat limbs (arms, shoulders, legs, etc.) and he uses the kinesio tape to aid in muscle and connective tissue recovery. He is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist. He really takes a whole body approach to treat his patients.

Ashley has had bad shin splints for the past month. The traditional sports tape wrap was somewhat helpful, but was tearing her skin up and they were not improving. I took her to Dr. Beaubian for a spinal manipulation last Saturday morning before the Birmingham tournament and she came out of his office with bright pink tape on her. He had put a single strip of kinesio tape on each shin and her shin splints didn’t hurt all day. Even after the tape came off (it stays for about three days) she still felt better. He taped her right shoulder that was tired and sore from pitching so much the week before and that discomfort went away.

I am absolutely amazed at what Dr. Beaubien has done for our family and just wanted to share his information with all of you. I would highly recommend that you try him if anyone is haveing issues with their muscular or skeletal system. Below is his information. He has a website so you can check out what he does.

Eclectic Chiropractic Rehab
Richard Beaubien, D.C.
1777 Axtell Road, Suite 100
Troy, MI
(248) 312-9249

Hope everyone has a great day.
Nora Lawton


In January of 2008 I began feeling a burning sensation in my right hip flexor. It grew into an acute pain in an isolated area of my right hip flexor. At times it hurt to walk or stand. It would also hurt to lie on my right side while I was sleeping due to the pain and the burn. Often times it felt like a match was being held to my right hip flexor. I was unable to work out my lower body or do any form or cardio exercise except cycling due to the pain and burning not only during the exercise but also for days after the exercise. I spent much of 2008 meeting twice a week with a Muscle Activation Therapist. He worked diligently to relieve my pain and burning but was largely unsuccessful. I met Dr. Richard Beaubien during the fall of 2008. At that time I was still committed to the MAT therapy. By January of 2009 I had stopped the MAT therapy. I was frustrated and had grown impatient. Dr. Beaubien told me he could heal me. He said based on my description of where my pain was and how it felt, he knew where my problem was coming from and he knew how to fix it. He said the source of my pain was between my L1 and L2 vertebrae. He said there was nothing wrong with my hip. His knowledge of the human body and its interconnectivity allowed him to isolate my true problem immediately. I was skeptical. I had spent so much time working on the problem. Furthermore, I had never been to a chiropractor before and I was unsure of what it involved. I met with Dr. Beaubien the first time in late March 2009 for a standard adjustment. After that I began seeing him weekly for another 8 appointments. He gave me various weekly adjustments as well as MAT therapy and corrective exercises. After three sessions with Dr. Beaubien he told me to go do as hard of a leg workout I could do and report back to him. I was able to do squats, lunges, leg presses, step-ups, leg extensions, and leg curls. I had to use light weights because I had not been able to do these exercises for TWO YEARS but I could do it all! During and after this workout I was pain free. Over the course of the next five weeks I have been doing a weekly leg workout. My weights have increased. My legs are getting stronger. The burning and pain in my hip is gone. My back feels good and when it does start to bother me it is very little. Dr. Beaubien has given me direction on how to continue to care for and strengthen my back. It is all working great. Furthermore, I can do many forms of cardiovascular exercise on many different machines. I have not felt this good in over two years. Dr. Beaubien’s knowledge and expertise along with his special set of skills as a chiropractor while incorporating his knowledge of MAT therapy has changed my life. He has given me the ability to once again take charge of my health and fitness and to be strong and energetic. I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude toward Dr. Beaubien. I highly recommend him to anyone with physical limitations. He is truly gifted in his field.


Michelle S. Williams
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Cycling Instructor
Lifetime Fitness Plano, TX


My name is CPT Andrew E. White I have been a patient of Dr. Richard Beaubien. I began treatment at his clinic for lower back injuries I received while serving overseas with the Military in Iraq. I began my treatment on 18 OCT 2008, since the very beginning of my treatment with Dr. Beaubien, his methods and approach has made a significant progress in my rehabilitation of my lower back through Physical Therapy and Chiropractic treatment. At this point in time my condition and quality of life has improved greatly. I am now able to perform most of the same physical activities; I was doing prior to my injury. Over time and with treatment Dr. Beaubien has educated me in how not only to overcome my injuries but how to further prevent them too.

When I fist meet with Dr. Beaubien, I was very hesitant to try Chiropractic treatment, mainly due to my lack of knowledge and understanding of all it healing benefits’. I often tell Dr. Beaubien that “What ever he is selling I am buying” because prior to seeing Dr. Beaubien, I was in extreme pain and discomfort from my injuries. I was unable to drive my car, sit at a desk or even walk about a flight of stairs with out stopping bending over in pain. After only two treatments with Dr. Beaubien, my pain was greatly reduced and I was able to start performing some limited moments that previously were not possible for me to attempt.

I currently no longer see Dr. Beaubien, on a professional basis due to geographical separations, but I often call or e-mail him for his advice and recommendation. Dr. Beaubien commitment to his patients overall heath and well-being is a true testament to his person and profession. I would recommend Dr. Beaubien to anyone with an injury or desire to improve their health and quality of life.


CPT Andrew E. White
US Army